Lollipop Chainsaw the Brilliant Game That Deserves a Remaster. Our Review, gameplay, and Info 101

Lollipop Chainsaw

Lollipop Chainsaw has a lot of brilliant concepts and humorous scripting, but the overall experience is ruined by poor technical execution. Even with that being said, the game deserves a remaster and there needs to be a movement on Twitter to do just that.

Juliet isn’t having a particularly happy birthday. Granted, she’s an 18-year-old cheerleader with a gorgeous figure and a supportive family, but her stunningly sculpted lover has transformed into a zombie, and circumstances aren’t looking up. But Juliet is ingenious, so she hacks off his head with a chainsaw, conducts some black magic, and slings his still-sentient head across her waist, just like any other ideal adolescent would.

Lollipop Chainsaw a Voluptuous Blonde Slaying Zombies

Lollipop Chainsaw
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A gorgeous blonde goes between inviting you to her bedroom to having a sensual shower sequence to battling zombies in her high school in the first five minutes. You won’t be emotionally resilient when the outrageous craziness escalates farther out of control if you can’t keep up with the gibberish from the start.

All of Lollipop is extremely violent, tremendously sexual, and mashed together with glitter, sparkles, and rainbows to poke fun at itself. Contextually, it’s a strange and amusing blend. Nevertheless, at some point, the over-the-top exploitation of a hyper-sexualized high school teenager ceases to be a satire.

Juliet’s primary weapon is the chainsaw she carries about, but she can also use the beautiful footwork she learned as a cheerleader to deliver a number of undead-stunning kick-based combos. The game’s early combat options are limited to light and heavy chainsaw barrages, kicks, and jump-based derivatives for each of these, but coins earned throughout the game can be invested on additional attack configurations, character modifications (such as health and strength boosts), MP3s for tailored background music, and interesting new costumes.

The excellent thing is that Lollipop Chainsaw is so blatantly bizarre and wacky that you’ll seldom be bothered by how tedious the gameplay may be. It’s worthwhile sitting down and immersing yourself in Juliet’s world just for the characters. She’s a fierce valley girl who enjoys cute things as well as zombie brains. Juliet’s two sisters and father are equally bizarre, but Juliet’s high school sweetheart, Nick, is the game’s highlight. Juliet takes Nick’s magically intact head and wears it about on her belt after being bitten by a zombie before the game even starts. That gag alone generates some hilarious puns, but Nick, Juliet’s straight guy counterpart, is a pleasant, well-rounded character.

Gameplay and Final Thoughts

Lollipop Chainsaw’s bosses are all artistically crafted creatures that serve as a fitting conclusion to each stage. The battles themselves are also three-stage engagements, requiring you to alter your approach as the boss assumes various forms. James Gunn’s story and script, which hits all the appropriate, over-the-top notes, holds it all together.

With a smattering of sloppy details and clumsily performed basic mechanics. They don’t stop you from appreciating Lollipop Chainsaw, but it’s clear that it’s a great action film. You can have a chance at a good spot on the online leaderboards if you buy a large repertoire of maneuvers. In fact, Lollipop Chainsaw is designed to be played again and again: the game lasts about five hours and forces you to pursue high scores and buy enough combinations to obtain a fantastic end-level grade. Juliet will be waiting for you when you return, rooting you on while lamenting her ginormous butt.

So yes, we recommend this game for all gamers out there. I think if someone streamed the game on Twitch, they would get a lot of views and followers and perhaps create hype so that they remaster and or give us a second game. there is so much that can be done and left unsaid.

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