Longest Tongue in the World Belongs to Former Japanese Idol Michaela Wako Sato

Longest Tongue in the World

The Longest Tongue in the World Belongs to Michaela Wako Sato, a 25-year-old with an amazing resume. Previously a performer of the idol group Idoling!!! Michaela went on to have roles in a variety of TV episodes and become a pretty prominent YouTuber, with over 99,000 fans, after the unit split in 2015.

Michaela (Sato Mikaruwako) was a popular model before becoming an actress. She inherited her Brazilian father’s striking facial characteristics. Her mixed-race appearance is incredible, but she also has a hilarious demeanor and has lately entered the YouTuber scene. And, because of her “ultra-long tongue,” she has become a topic of discussion. She has made multiple movies to demonstrate her long tongue, which can reach a length of 10 cm. She, too, is taken aback.

Longest Tongue in the World?

Longest Tongue in the World
© michaela wako sato

Michaela’s videos contain the standard YouTube fare — amusing skits, product reviews — but her greatest prominent uploads focus on a special characteristic of hers – her tongue. Her highest rated video, “You Can Do All of These If Your Tongue Is Long,” has approximately 3 million views to date. You can see it below.

Since according to sources, Michaela’s tongue measures 9.9 centimeters (3.8 inches), just a little smaller than the existing world benchmark of 10.1 cm established by Nick Stoeberl of the United States. Michaela’s tongue, on the other hand, may be the world’s largest female tongue, as the current record holder — the USA’s Chanel Tapper — has a tongue that measures 9.75 cm in length.

A beautiful Japanese Girl, possible longest tongue in the world, former idol, and current model, it seems like Japan is coming for kawaii overload to take over the world. It will be a matter of time before this goes viral on TikTok and another challenger steps into taking her place and breaking the internet.

Longest Tongue in the World?

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