Lotus’s All-Electric Evija Goes 0-186 MPH in 9 Seconds

Lotus’s All-Electric Evija goes 0-60 in 3 seconds.
  • Target 0-62 mph (0-100km/h) in under three seconds, top speed over 200 mph (320 km/h)
  • Ultra-lightweight carbon fibre monocoque makes it the world’s lightest production EV hypercar, at 1,680kg
  • Pure electric driving range target of 250 miles (400 km)
  • Lotus Evija production limited to just 130 cars – in tribute to its Lotus ‘Type’ number
Lotus’s All-Electric Evija
© Lotus

Hypercars have the potential to make even the most traditional performance indicators seem obsolete. Take , for example, the 0-60 mph time. Since decades, this has been the auto industry’s barometer of a car ‘s pace. Yet Lotus doesn’t feel that the spec accurately captures just how good its upcoming all-electric Evija will be.

“If you think about an internal combustion engine, each explosive combustion is trying to sheer the tyre, but here the torque application is quite soft.” And soundless, too. They’re working on a low speed noise to meet regulations, but for the time being “we’re not screaming around Hethel, so I’m not getting umpteen phonecalls telling us to keep it down” says Kershaw. 

“We have four development cars, and two of them were in Germany and Italy testing before lockdown. We managed to get them back, recap the plan and be flexible and that’s allowed development to continue”, says Executive Director of Engineering Matt Windle.

“Yes, the Evija is a standalone project, but as a technology and character statement there is definitely lots and lots of learning to be taken forward,” claims Kershaw. Windle goes further, “If you look at what Geely [Lotus’s owner] did at Volvo. They took over, but Volvo knew what it wanted to do. They just didn’t have the cash to do it. And they’ve gone away and done it and they’ve kept it very Swedish.

Interview with Top Gear
Lotus’s All-Electric Evija
© Lotus

Lotus recently re-started the $2.2 million Evija real-world project. The first of the 130 widely awaited Electric Vehicles will be shipped to consumers later this year.

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