Luke Cage Season 2 is The Netflix MCU I Love


Spoilers ahead for season 2 of Luke Cage


Finally an MCU show I can’t get enough of and their second season solidified it. Netflix MCU shows are a big hit first season than miss the mark in the following season. Such shows as Daredevil season 2 started strong, then devolved into something that lacked real substance. Not really sure why there was the reason to fight countless ninja. 


Where Luke Cage is wining is the story. The season in not perfect. The focus on the heroes as well as on the villains families is where it wins. It allows for us to connect greater with both making them seem real and relatable. The second season challenges roles we play in life. Cage must face his father in hopes of redefining what his family legacy means. His father is played by the late Emmy winner Reg E. Cathey. Reg gives a performance to admire as what would be his final act.



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Luke Cage season 2 has really transitioned mostly to the focus of its villains than about Luke. The central conflict is between Mariah and John “Bushmaster” McIver (Mustafa Shakir), who’s come to Harlem from Jamaica to destroy Mariah for wrongs the Stokes committed against his family. Mariah married well, giving her the resources and reputation she needed to become a political rather than criminal power, and in season 2, she wants to shut down her family’s gang ties for good.





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