Magpul and Maztech Industries Teamed up to Make ‘Halo’ Inspired Smart Firearms the X4

Maztech Industries

The X4 Fire Control System by Magpul and Maztech Industries was on display at the SHOT Show 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Except for games like Halo that make a big deal about just how “true to life” they are, you can point to a few eternal truths about firearms in gaming: you know how many rounds you have in your magazine and on your person at any given time, you can tell how far ahead your target is, and there’s very seldom any need to worry about bullet drops.

There are also implausible guns featured, long only seen in sci – fi, that are now on the cusp of becoming a realization – that is at least, if two firearms parts makers mentioned above get their way and indeed it seems like that is happening.

Maztech Industries and Magpul Go Full Halo Infinite on the World

Maztech Industries
© Maztech Industries X4 Fire Control System

Magpul and Maztech Industries’ first expected prototype is a rounds-remaining system that combines the DoD-issued Gen M3 PMAG’s exceptional dependability and longevity with Maztech’s depth of combined expertise in sophisticated electronics systems. The rounds-remaining technology, a simple concept that is incredibly difficult to execute successfully, will allow a magazine to accurately determine the current capacity of a magazine in any situation.

The X4 system, the conclusion of years of R&D, delivers a cutting-edge, military-grade quality of sensor fusion to achieve a new level of capabilities and performance. According to the two businesses, any rifle of any caliber with a low power variable optic (LPVO) can be converted into a computer-aided weapons platform. According to the firms, the smart optic would actively give you fire data and keep a current round count, evoking images of the MA5B Assault Rifle from Halo: Combat Evolved and the M41A Pulse Rifle from Aliens.

The rounds-remaining system is just one component item to the larger Maztech X4 suite of integrated products. The X4 suite is a family of multiple independent systems that communicate with the shooter (and others if needed) to build situational awareness on the target area and weapon status. It provides secure communications capability with Bluetooth, Near Field Communication and Ultra-Wideband systems. Along with the Round Counter, the X4-Fire Control System (X4-FCS) is in final development. The X4-FCS provides sensor fusion in an LPVO, with multiple inputs from around the firearm all fusing together in one visual presentation in the optic.


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