Makoto Shinkai’s New Anime, ‘Weathering With You’ Film Trailer is Here

Weathering With You Film Geek Impulse

Weathering With You (天気の子) By Makoto Shinkai

The Director of ‘Your Name’ has partnered once again with the band Radwimps to bring the world another awesome anime film. This one is called ‘Weathering With You’ or ‘Tenki No Ko’ (天気の子). He once stated that he wasn’t sure how he can top his last success, but by the looks of the trailer below, he might have created another classic. Shinkai has a natural talent for crafting stories that are dramatic, fun and full of emotions that you or I didn’t know we had. His ability to solidify real-life emotions into the characters on screen is arguably unlike anyone else at this moment in anime. The ability to make everything look so realistic on film helps to elicit connections that are hard to distinguish between the screen and your eyes in real life.

The new work “Weathering With You” film is a story in which a boy and a girl who are tossed by destiny “choose” their way of life when the harmony of the weather goes awry. A girl with a mysterious power, Haina, met a boy from the house who came to Tokyo, Mr. Takataka. The love story of the two is depicted as a message to all generations that are beautiful, heartbreaking, a new era, and the whole world.

In this film like the previous, Shinto plays a central role. Shinto is uniquely Japanese. It would seem that in this film, Shinkai is looking to add indigenous influences Shinto, which is a nature-based religion of Japan. We see a brief look at Haruna almost stepping on a cucumber and eggplant. These are traditional some of the offerings given at a Shinto Shrine that is offered to ancestral spirits during the Obon celebration. Since that is a festival that takes place in the summer we can predict the films setting, is during that time as well.

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  • Weathering With You Film Geek Impulse
  • Weathering With You Film Geek Impulse
  • Weathering With You Film Geek Impulse

‘Your Name’, was a massive hit in Japan and in the US. It became the highest grossing film of 2016 and the 12th-highest-grossing non-English film worldwide, with a total gross of $358 million. It remains one of the best box office performers in Japan, bested only by Spirited Away, Titanic, and Frozen. This one looks to be an even bigger hit around the world and we at Geek Impulse are excited to see it. We anticipate a large demand for the films release, worldwide. ‘Weathering with You’ is scheduled for release in Japanese theaters on July 19

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