Manga House Keeping Yakuza Gokushufudou releases a Genius live-action PV 4 Everyone

Manga House Keeping Yakuza Gokushufudo Geek Impulse

When you think of Yakuza, the last thing you think of is a house husband. Then again, you must not know Japan. They are some of the most creative and weird writers arguably in the world. (IMO). Imagine our Surprise when we stumbled upon this beauty on YouTube. The Manga House Keeping Yakuza Gokushufudou which translates into to “The Way of the House Husband” is a lesser known manga. (Video Below)

Manga House Keeping Yakuza Gokushufudou Synopsis:

Manga House Keeping Yakuza Gokushufudou Geek Impulse

“Immortal Tatsu,” the legendary yakuza who single-handedly defeated a rival gang with a lead pipe, is a name known to strike fear in both hardened police officers and vicious criminals. Soon after his sudden disappearance, he resurfaces with a slight change in profession. Now equipped with an apron, Tatsu has given up violence and is trying to make an honest living as a house husband.

While adapting to mundane household tasks, Tatsu finds that being a house husband has its own challenges, from the battlefield known as supermarket sales to failures in the kitchen. Despite living peacefully, misunderstandings seem to follow him left and right. Gokushufudou follows the daily life of the comically serious ex-yakuza as he leaves behind his dangerous previous life to become a stay-at-home husband.

This brilliant commercial was a way to give fan service to the fans who have bought the manga. To celebrate over one million volumes sold, Manga House Keeping Yakuza Gokushufudou creators made the live-action commercial. The video works very well and so believable, we are not sure as to why this hasn’t been made into a live-action series yet. It certainly could and maybe this is also a way of testing it to see what fans think. As you can see from the tweet below that fans are anticipating this video being a preview to much more.

Source: Youtube/くらげバンチ新潮社

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