Marika Kouno Solo Artist Debut Ignites Fans With Song “Like a Dream, But Not A Dream” 2021 Release

Marika Kouno Solo Artist Debut

Marika Kouno Solo Artist Debut Comes February 24th, 2021. She is a voice actress and singer. She is a member of earphones and TEAM OHENRO.

Marika Kouno Solo Artist Debut

Marika Kouno, who is known for her role as Silence Suzuka in “Uma Musume Pretty Derby” and the activities of the ” Earphones ” voice actor team, has agreed to make her debut as a solo artist from Nippon Columbia. The first single “Dream-like, but not dream” will be released on February 24, 2021 (Wednesday). The jacket and the title music video of the song (1 chorus Ver.) have been released on YouTube.

She was born in Tokyo on February 22, 1994. She is the second of three sisters; her older sister Rina is a dancer. As a child already, she was fond of reading aloud during elementary school classes. She first became interested in voice acting from watching anime series. After learning that the characters Pikachu from Pokemon and Chopper from One Piece were voiced by the same person, Ikue Ōtani, Kouno began to aspire to pursue a career in voice acting.

Sources: Moca News

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