Marina Bay Singapore to Showcase First Flying Taxi

First FLying Taxi Singapore Geek Impulse

The First Flying Taxi Will Make First Public Showcase Over Marina Bay on Oct 22nd

You will get your first chance to view history. Your first glimpse of the first flying taxi will fly over the reservoir at 12 pm on October 22nd over Singapore’s Marina Bay. That is of course if the weather is ideal. The Volocopter 2X is the vehicle to watch out for.

The future looks to be coming faster than we had previously imagined. The manned flight while only 3 minutes long, is revolutionary towards the way things will be done in the future. The German company Volocopter discussed on September 30th to media that they experimented with closed-door trials with the aircraft at the Seletar Airport and will do so several weeks before this launch. The trials performed were done to account for Singapore’s hot and humid weather and did so with the Singapore Government to showcase the safety and feasibility of the aircraft’s ability to perform the flyover.

First FLying Taxi Singapore Geek Impulse
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Back in May Alex Zosel, co-founder of Volocopter said: “Receiving the commercial license for air taxi aircraft is a question of time, not a possibility. We are thus focusing on shaping the necessary ecosystem around urban air mobility including air traffic management, city regulation, and the take-off and landing infrastructure.” The test flights have received the support of the Ministry of Transport, the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore, as well as the Economic Development Board. “In the end, we want to have Volocopter systems here in Singapore as a public transport system for business travelers or tourists. The plan is to open the first route in the next two to three years, but this will be defined with the authorities, and that could be a tourist case or a business case for example from the airport to the business district,” said Mr. Zosel.

It’s a process. It’s also about growing partnerships with the ecosystem in Singapore. Not only with the authorities, but players like 5G network providers are very important to operate this aircraft, so we want to create an ecosystem here with different players.

Alex Zosel

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