Marvel Filipino Superhero WAVE Makes Her Debut Nadine Lustre Inspiration For Design. Alluring 23

Marvel Filipino Superhero WAVE

Marvel Filipino Superhero WAVE has excited Filipino comic fans around the world.

Marvel Filipino Superhero WAVE Nadine Lustre Geek Impulse
Marvel Comics artist Mico Suayan just revealed that Nadine is the inspiration behind the exclusive cover of the first Marvel Filipino Superhero Wave.

MANILA – – It is not common for Filipinos to see a non-white man, put on a colorful costume in comic books. So it is exciting to see the hype surrounding Marvel’s new superhero ‘Wave.’ She is a woman from Cebu and is part of the growing roster of Asian superheroes being introduced in May. They are doing what they can to continue to diversify what they offer and this is very exciting for the Philippines.

Should a live-action film ever be made of her, the Philippines very own Nadine Lustre can play the part which is exciting to hear the art was inspired by her. This latest edition of a badass Pinay to Marvel shows the character wearing her black, green, and gold ensemble, wielding not one, but two swords.

Marvel Wave Nadine Lustre Geek Impulse
© Nadine Lustre/Mico Suayan Via Facebook

Suayan explained on his Facebook account that he based his drawing on Lustre. 

A little trivia. I based my rendition of Wave to Nadine Lustre.

Mico Suayan

The variant cover will be exclusively available through a local comic book store Comic Odyssey. The store announced that they will be sharing more details on ordering the variant. A variant cover is another printing of a comic with different cover art. These are limited runs and usually, cost even more than the regular comic.

The story is of the Marvel Filipino Superhero WAVE is set in Asia, where Wave joins fellow Asian superheroes like Korean-Americans Silk and Amadeus Cho, Chinese Shang-Chi, and SHIELD agent Jimmy Woo. They band together to fight dark elves terrorizing Earth. 

I am excited to see and get my hands on the variant and comic to discover what awesome powers this new character will have. Will she have a costume that resembles the national flag, and excited for a live-action with Nadine. Would be awesome.

Update: Marvel is in talks to create a live-action of the Character for the Philippines. Angel Locsin is in the running to play the Marvel Filipino Superhero WAVE

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