‘Medic: Pacific Corpsman’ The Realistic WWII Video Game

Nothing like a good PTSD game. All kidding aside, as a combat veteran, I urge those who have PTSD to play this game with caution.
Main Features:
  • A unique take on the war – become part of a story full of bravery, sacrifice, and determination, all soaked in soldiers’ blood.
  • An everchanging battlefield – act fast, be cautious, avoid the enemy, hide from bombshells, and dodge bullets.
  • Strategic thinking, smart foresight, and resourcefulness are a must – choose your methods and how to distribute the available supplies, but most of all, think before you act.
  • Make hard choices – remember that you are one, and they are many. Assess the injured, determine the seriousness of the wounds, and have the final word on who gets to live and who dies.
  • Experience the unthinkable – view the horrors of war with your own eyes. Hear your fellow soldiers screaming in agony. Witness the gore covering the ground. Feel the pain of those knowing they will never see their loved ones again.

PlayWay S.A., Hypnotic Ants. And Games Operators have revealed Medic: Pacific Corpsman, a game based on World War 2 in which you work as a front-line army medic.

Stereotypical in other military games you tend to focus on killing as many enemy soldiers as possible, however in this game your job is to save lives as a military Corpsman. You ‘re going to have to run to the wounded through flames, drag them to safety and then render support in hopes that they live. A interesting twist to average games since as a player, it will be up to you triage the wounded and to decide how best to patch them up. Your decisions matter and lives are in your hands.


Become a medic – the true hero of war. Survive the horrors of the battlefield, dodge the bullets, and bring salvation to the wounded. Be their last hope in the chaotic reality of the Pacific Front. Patch, revive, and carry them to change the course of the battle! Be ready to make hard choices!


The game is slated to come out in 2021, although there is no definitive date of release for next year at the time of writing this.

Sources: Steam, Email Press Release

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