Megumi Nakajima Singer/VA is Releasing Her 5th Album

Voice actress/singer Megumi Nakajima has announced that she will be releasing her fifth album “green diary” on February 3, 2021.

Green is a color that holds special significance for Megumi Nakajima, since she began her voice acting career as the character Ranka Lee in the TV anime Macross Frontier. Under the theme of “green,” she will be singing about the people that she holds close to her heart. Born of a Japanese father and a Filipino mother, Megumi was brought up in a “house filled with music” and grew up with the desire to sing.

Nakajima recently took to Twitter, “Wednesday, February 3, 2021, Megumi Nakajima’s new album ‘green diary’ will be released. It is the theme I’ve been working on for a long time and wanted to realize someday. I’ve had a lot of meetings with the songwriters, and now it’s about to take shape!! Stay tuned for more news on the album!”

In addition to eight newly-recorded songs, the ten-song album will also include her 2019 singles – “Suiso” (Stars Align OP theme) and “Kamikazari no Tenshi” (Ascendance of a Bookworm 1st season ED theme). The following artists will be involved in composing the new songs: Ameko Kodama, Dan Miyakawa, Hiroaki Hayama, Koshi Miura (Kuchiroro), RAM RIDER, Ryujin Kiyoshi, Soulife, Summer Valentine, Yuuki Ozaki (BBHF), and tofubeats.

In addition to her singing career, she has appeared in numerous TV animes, including Sacred Seven (as Aiba Ruri), A Town Where You Live (as Yuzuki Eba), and HappinessCharge PreCure! (as Megumi Aino / Cure Lovely). On January 28, 2019, the tenth anniversary of her first single, she released her first self-produced mini album “Lovely Time Travel,” which included 80s idol music. Later that year, she released a compilation album titled “30 pieces of love” on her birthday. On September 30, 2020, she released a character song collection “FULL OF LOVE!!”

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