Innovative Michelin Airless Tires Come As They Partner With GM 3 stars?

Michelin Airless Tires Geek Impulse

Michelin Airless Tires

Michelin Airless Tires are soon to be a reality. They mentioned and showcased a prototype in 2017 at Movin’On. The tire company teamed up with GM to officially unveil their prototype of Uptis (Unique puncture-proof Tire System). Michelin made the tire with passenger vehicles in mind. It does resemble some air-free concepts of previous years. Tech of the tire includes a mix of rubber composite and embedded fiberglass resin. This allows for the Michelin Airless Tires to be used at high speeds. Michelin claims the tires feel comfortable when using them to drive although they are not visually stunning to look at.

Michelin Airless Tires Geek Impulse
The Michelin Uptis Prototype is tested on a Chevrolet Bolt EV Wednesday, May 29, 2019 at the General Motors Milford Proving Ground in Milford, Michigan. GM intends to develop this airless wheel assembly with Michelin and aims to introduce it on passenger vehicles as early as 2024. (Photo by Steve Fecht for General Motors)

Unlike previous mentions of the tire, there is an actual plan of action for release. GM has already started testing the tire on its fleet of 2019 Chevy Bolts. Once testing is complete they intend to be releasing the tires in mass production for their cars by 2024. Though there is no mention as to what vehicles will have the tires, it is probably safe to say at least the Chevy Bolts will and we at Geek Impulse speculate their other electric vehicles will also.

Uptis is projected to have significant financial benefits, as well as the most important, safety benefits. The Uptis is not completely indestructible. The companies boast that things such as flat tires, blowouts as well as irregular wear will be something of the past. GM and Michelin also believe that this feature is important, as electric vehicles and self-driving vehicles become the norm.

“Uptis demonstrates that Michelin’s vision for a future of sustainable mobility is clearly an achievable dream,” said Florent Menegaux, chief executive officer for Michelin Group. “Through work with strategic partners like GM, who share our ambitions for transforming mobility, we can seize the future today.”

“General Motors is excited about the possibilities that Uptis presents, and we are thrilled to collaborate with Michelin on this breakthrough technology,” said Steve Kiefer, senior vice president, global purchasing and supply chain, General Motors. “Uptis is an ideal fit for propelling the automotive industry into the future and a great example of how our customers benefit when we collaborate and innovate with our supplier partners.”

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