Microsoft And Nintendo Gave A Big ‘FU’ To PS4

Microsoft and Nintendo Team Up To Attack Sony’s PS4


Microsoft and Nintendo - Geek Impulse



In a space where so many consoles are seemingly bitter rivals, two companies are coming together. Nintendo and Microsoft with the help of Minecraft are allowing cross platform play. It all started ramping up at this years E3. PS4 was almost completely ridiculed because they do not support cross platform play. 


So here is what is going on at the moment. You can see exactly from this tweet:




A few of the world’s biggest games, from Fortnite to Minecraft to Rocket League, all support some variety of crossplay, allowing people with PCs, Xbox Ones, mobiles and Nintendo consoles to play on the same servers. Here is the Minecraft commercial featuring the cross play below. 




When all is said and done we will have to wait and see what the fallout it. PS4 out performs and out sells Xbox according to most publications. This is a neat marketing jab, but at the end of the day it remains to be seen if it was the right one to make by the two companies. What do you guys think about this sudden push to force the hand of another company. Do you think Sony should cave to the pressure or stay what it is?






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