Miss Hooters Japan finalists Announced After Bankruptcy Filing

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Etch Jee Co., Ltd operates 6 Hooters Locations in Japan

With such a voluptuous staff, there are no wonder finances constantly bounce up and down.

For those familiar with Japan, you might think this American concept would go over well without issues. We have covered topics about breasts in the past for science. In Japan, there are several cafes and ramen shops that cater to the connoisseur of cleavage.

There is a total of 7 Hooters chains opened in Japan since 2005. Six of those are owned by Etch Jee Co., Ltd. It would seem the pun of the cleavage bounce is never truer than this week. The company that manages the Hooters restaurants in Japan, filed for bankruptcy protection from its creditors. This was done in the Tokyo District Court under Japan’s Civil Rehabilitation Law.


The day after the filing, Hooters released a large marketing campaign and announced the finalist for Miss Hooters Japan 2019, had been chosen. There were originally 51 entrants. There are now 15 finalists. They were chosen among the staff of waitresses and will appear in a special event in the Shinjuku area of Tokyo. This will be their ninth contest and the winner will travel to the U.S. in June to compete in the Miss Hooters World Tournament.

Here is a slide show of some finalists:

  • Miss Hooters Japan Geek Impulse News
  • Miss Hooters Japan Geek Impulse News
  • Miss Hooters Japan Geek Impulse News
  • Miss Hooters Japan Geek Impulse News
  • Miss Hooters Japan Geek Impulse News
  • Miss Hooters Japan Geek Impulse News

What does the contest consist of? The finals of course as mentioned above will take place in Tokyo’s Shinjuku Nishiguchi branch on April 15th. Doors open at 6p.m. and the contest will take place at 7 p.m.. Ticket prices are ¥5,000 ($50) for your spot in the standing area, but if you want the best seats (SS Tickets) at the event you will have to pay a staggering ¥14,000 ($126). The contestants will compete in their Hooters outfit, a swimsuit, and a costume of their choosing. Maybe cosplay??? SS Tickets get you ¥2,500 food and drink voucher and an autographed T-shirt by all 15 finalists and of course a mini photo session with them as well. You can find out more about the event here.

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