MIYAVI Has Released One of Two New Albums “Holy Nights”

MIYAVI revealed that it has two albums scheduled for 2020 since joining LDH. “Holy Nights,” the first of these albums, was released on April 22nd.

“Holy Nights” is a mix of new live songs, covers, and rearranged versions. One of those new songs, “Bang! “It serves as the latest CM song for the” UN-LIMIT “campaign by Rakuten Mobile. On two other new tracks, Amber Liu, formerly from KPop group f(x), and LDH EUROPE member FAIS are featured. MIYAVI will cover “Tomaranai Ha ~ Ha” from Yazawa Eikichi, and “TOKIO” from Sawada Kenji on the track.

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  • Holy Nights MIYAVI Geek Impulse
Track List:
  1. Holy Nights (Intro)
  2. Need for Speed
  3. Holy Nights
  4. Bang!
  5. Heaven is A Place On Earth
  6. Danger Danger
  7. TOKIO
  8. Tomaranai ha-ha
  9. Perfect Storm (feat. Amber Liu)
  10. Live To Dream (feat. FAIS)
  11. Hands To Hold
  12. DAY 1 (Reborn)

MIYAVI has gained worldwide recognition for his unconventional style of playing the guitar — not with a pick, but with his fingers and his “slap style,” which is like no other. Miyavi has six successful world tours under its belt, totalling more than 250 shows in 30 countries across North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

“Holy Nights represents the world that we live in,” the rocker explains. “What can music do? Every time I face the problems around the world, I always feel so helpless. “But there are things that only music can do. There are things that can be conveyed to people only through music. I believe so strongly and create with that thought in mind. I am very confident that the songs are relatable to the era and everyone that lives in it.”

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