Monster Hunter Themed Bar: Hunter’s Bar, in Tokyo

The Monster Hunter themed Hunter’s Bar in Shinjuku is worth a visit for any Monster Hunter fan.

Previously the Capcom Bar, the Hunter’s Bar is now a permanent installation in Pasela Resorts, Shinjuku.

The bar itself is quite small, so we advise that you book your place there in advance. It costs 500 yen for the seating charge, and in return you get a random coaster and some rainbow popcorn for the table (apparently each color represents a different monster, so you can try and work out which one is which!)

To book, you can go to the website 

The range of food for such a small place is huge, with each dish and drink named after a component of the game, from Palico lattes to a Kirin parfait. The food itself is more evocative of a good meal that you would want to eat before a hunt, than themed to the game (like most other cafes in Japan)

In fact, the whole bar is designed to have the warm, tavern-like feel that you get in game, with good food and good company. The stools are large and comfortable, there are weapons adorning the walls, and you can play the game on their demo station if you feel like it.


The cafe does have seasonal limited menus (see the example below), and the prices range from a few hundred to a few thousand yen (marked in “z”, after the currency in game) depending on the dish.

The goods they sell are relatively standard, but the unique items up for grabs come only with heavy commitment. The bar will give you a Guild Card, on which there are requirements to fill that will allow you to progress to the next Hunter’s Bar rank (almost Hunter Rank!) Clearing one will get you a medal as a prize. Once you clear 4 cards you can get an acrylic stand, and if you clear all the quests on the 4 cards you get a gold plate. The quests range from set quests like “eat a spicy menu item”, to Urgent Quests which change daily and are posted on the bar’s very own Quest Board.

We saw a person on her way to the plate prize when we visited. Would you go to the Hunter’s Bar again and again to get your hands on the gold plate? Let us know in the comments below! Find me here on Social Twitter & Instagram 


Address in Japanese and English:

160-0021 東京都新宿区 歌舞伎町1-3-16 パセラリゾーツ新宿本店1F

1st Floor, Parsela Resorts Shinjuku Store, 1-3-16 Kabukicho, Shinjuku, Tokyo 160-0021, Japan







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