Mummified Wolf Puppy, Reveals Secrets After Being Frozen For 60,000 Years

Mummified Wolf Puppy

Mummified Wolf Puppy is Kawaii Even after being frozen for 60,000 years!

In 2016, a gold miner serendipitously found the remains of a 57,000-year-old female Mummified Wolf Puppy in Canada’s Yukon Territory frozen in permafrost. Now, scientists are tracing together how the youngster lived, National Geographic reports. From the examination of the teeth as well as the body x-rays, the scientists determined that the pupa was about 6 and 7 weeks old.

“Zhur is from a time period that isn’t very well-known in the Yukon in terms of mummies,” Barnett says. And by examining the remnants of the wolf pup’s DNA, Meachen and colleagues found that this animal documents a group of wolves that no longer exist in the region.

“Ancient DNA repeatedly demonstrates how much more complex evolutionary histories and paleoecology are than we might otherwise derive from studies of bones and fossils,” Murchie says. Without Zhur’s genes, this extirpation and replacement would have been invisible to scientists.

You can read more about it here by National Geographic and Here and the featured image is © by the Government of Yukon.

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