Natsuna Watanabe Marries Non-celebrity. Top Secret 31

Natsuna Watanabe

Actress Natsuna Watanabe (31) declared her marriage to a non-celebrity man on January 16.

It seems to be a trend these days in Japan. Celebrities of all kinds are marrying those who are not in the spotlight. Staying private on that front is very Japanese and gives hope to those who are not a celebrity, but want to marry a person who is.

Natsuna Watanabe shared in a written announcement, “I was touched by his kindness that gently wrapped around me at all times, his broad perspective toward things, and his flexible thinking. I respected him from the bottom of my heart and became attracted to him.” She added, “From now on, we will support each other to build a family full of laughter.”

Natsuna Watanabe
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Natsuna made her debut with the drama ‘Gachi Baka! Hailing from Saitama Prefecture, ‘In the year 2006. Then she changed her stage name to Natsuna in 2009, from Natsuna Watanabe. She has been appearing in numerous movies, dramas, and variety programs since then.

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