A Cringe-Worthy Animation About D.Va’s True Nature.

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If you like overwatch as much as me then I am sure you would agree that D.Va is the worst. I mean absolutely annoying. I do love it when girls cosplay as her, but I cannot stand playing against her. She almost always gets player of the game and she is the most OP Character in the GAME!!!!



You are probably thinking to yourself, Joshua stop complaining and just get better! Well NO! I will not. Why does everyone like this character? I can shoot here and she can still turn around and fly to me and kill me instantly. This is unfair. Well, with that all being said here is an animation that gets to the essence of what D.Va is really like:



That video is from Dopatwo, which is a YouTube channel featuring animations about games. It is a fun take on a beloved character that really gets to the core of the characters, character. I would definitely suggest watching other videos on the channel and smashing their subscribe button as I have. The voices are directly from the game itself while the animation is uniquely cringeworthy and creative genius. Check out their other video Enemy Tracer.



Let me know, do you think D.Va is an irredeemable jerk as I do? Is she your favorite character? Let me know. My favorite Character is Soldier 76 which I am hearing a rumor that he is finally getting a stats boost. I enjoy playing with him because the gameplay has a halo feel.



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