Netflix Has Finally Revealed Its Lineup of Holiday Movies & Specials

Holiday Movies Geek Impulse 2019

Holiday Movies ©Netflix

It would seem that 2019 is the year Netflix gets into the spirit of the times with Holiday Movies. Their lineup has been revealed and this is what to expect. There is the third installment of the Christmas Prince saga which has gained a large following. A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby will debut on December 5th.

The season starts a month earlier though this year. November 1st to be exact. The first film is called Holiday in the Wild. This film stars Kristen Davis as a woman who goes to Africa alone even though it was originally supposed to be the second round of her honeymoon. During this venture, she rescues a baby elephant which she helps nurses back to health. Her pilot played by the legendary Rob Lowe, helps in the nursing of the elephant. We then get, Let it Snow which is based on the novel of the same name by author John Green. There is the animated movie Klaus which hears the vocal talents of one Jason Schwartzman along with Rashida Jones and J.K. Simmons. Of course, there is the movie with Vanessa Hudgens who befriends a medieval knight who has been sent to modern-day of all places, Ohio. The name is The Knight Before Christmas. Holiday Rush is about a dad who loses his career as a radio DJ and decides to become an entrepreneur and buy his own station, but this comes just as his kids share their wishlists for Christmas.

Those are the movies, but what are some of the shows we can expect to see? There will be the festive version of the British Baking Show and of course a festive Nailed It! As well as Sugar Rush. There are also holiday episodes in new seasons of Magic For Humans and Team Kaylie (both December 2nd) as well as Alexa & Katie (December 30th). There will be specials for Super Monsters, Family Reunion and Spirit Riding Free as well. Dennis Quaid stars in dysfunctional family Christmas film called Merry Happy Whatever if you are into something a little different. Season two of Lost In Space comes out in December.

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