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Before I get started on my thoughts for the Fullmetal Alchemist live action movie I thought I should introduce myself. I’m Kimberly and a new writer here at Geek Impulse. I’ll most likely talk about my hobbies which include reading manga and comics, watching Netflix, and dabbling in beauty and fashion. I look forward to sharing with you all my thoughts and finds.


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Alright, now that that is out of the way we can get down to the nitty-gritty. When I heard Netflix was putting a live-action Fullmetal Alchemist movie on their streaming service I had two thoughts; I love Fullmetal Alchemist and Oh no. Live action adaptations do not have the best track records and while there are some exceptions the general consensus is that they suck.


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Visually the movie is pretty stunning, as long as you can look past the horrible wigs. The CGI Alphonse was not too bad to look at even if it was awkward in some of the movie situations. The sets and costumes were gorgeous in comparison to some other adaptations and I did not find myself cringing at some of the dialogue. (For some reason anime and manga can get away with cringe-worthy scenes).


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What disappointed me was the story. When you try to cram a full season of anime in two hours you lose something in the process. For me, this was my connection to the characters. Ultimately, Fullmetal is about family, brotherhood and the horrors of humanity. Ed and Al have very limited screen time together, which was probably to help limit the cost of CGI. While Ed does mention his love for Al on multiple occasions we need to be shown through actions as well as words.


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Fullmetal Alchemist also has a large cast of characters, most of which you come to love (for them to be horribly killed off leaving you reeling for days, OH HUGHES!). Some characters they omitted entirely, which aggravated me a little. In the anime and manga there are certain scenes that punch you straight in the gut so hard you lose your breath, in the adaptation, I barely even blinked.


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It’s like the Law of Equivalent Exchange, I’m giving you my precious viewing time, give me a story and characters to care for. If you don’t  mind adaptations and are a huge Fullmetal Alchemist fan, watch the movie and tell me what you think. If not, just rewatch Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, it’s also streaming on Netflix.

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