New Animal Crossing Events Start this Thursday!

Many people have been using Animal Crossing: New Horizons to escape the cares of the world that is facing a crisis that seems to be at a climax at this point. Well if you are one of those, you are in luck as there is no more to do in-game. On April 23rd, the latest free update arrives and will have new characters along with New Animal Crossing Events (Seasonal). 

As it stands right now, Nintendo is adding two additional NPC’s that will be taking to the island to sell you a bunch of stuff. The first character mentioned is Leif the Sloth from New Leaf. He will set up his shop on your island’s plaza, giving you the ability to buy shrubs and seeds. This will allow you to make your island getaway much more greenery. You can read on or get the info in the trailer video below.

New Horizons’ Nature Day celebration will begin on the same day. There will be unique challenges for Nook Miles during the two-week event which will ask you to do things like plant trees and water flowers. They’ll be three more events through to June after Nature Day.

You’ll be able to use a special one-time ticket at the island airport during the first week of May to fly to an island Nintendo says “looks different from the regular mystery tours.” Once there the company teases you may encounter a special guest who looks familiar.

To mark International Museum Day, you’ll have to take part in a stamp rally two weeks after May 18th. Collect all the different stamps and you will receive a reward in the game. The wedding-themed event will take place in early June. You will be able to visit the island of Harvey to greet Reese and Cyrus, and take pictures of their nuptials. All told, the update is adding a great deal to New Horizons.

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