New Fuller 2029 Majestic Has 3-D-Printed Titanium Parts

Words like “futuristic” and “groundbreaking” are frequently visited when it comes to discussing modern bikes, but none deserve as much as Fuller Moto ‘s latest electric bike. Dubbed simply 2029 Majestic, the one-of-a-kind two-wheeler not only has a state-of-the-art aesthetics but has also been designed using state-of-the-art technology.

Taken from the iconic French 1929 Majestic, the custom ride features a completely enclosed sculpted aluminum body, a hub-centered steering and streamlined lines like its 100-year-old predecessor. Yet that’s where the resemblance ends. Penned by Bryan Fuller, the futuristic riff features 3D-printed titanium parts, transparent polycarbonate wheels — unlike the original ones, they have no spokes — and is fitted.

Building on one of Zero Motorcycle’s FXS electric bikes, Fuller and his team merged modern subtractive methods, such as CNC machining, with conventional manufacturing to create the distinctive 2029 Majestic. The workshop flipped the chassis upside down and repositioned the batteries so that the engine was aligned with the large 23-inch wheels. Intricate elements, including the chassis, the front stabilizing arm and the steering plate, were 3-D-printed using titanium with a precision level that is almost impossible to achieve by hand. Finally, Fuller sprayed some of the body of the bike with a blue tint as a tribute to the original Majestic.

I was inspired by 3-D printing, allowing my creativity to run wild and create organic shapes that are nearly unmakeable by traditional means. With no limits to design, I was able to create something unique that could only exist in the space between craft and the innovation of technology.

Evolution of how one-off vehicles are built is rapidly changing as are many disciplines. The sharing of information creates huge opportunities for advancement in the manufacturing and design of these dream machines.

Via Robb Report

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