New Japanese Cosplay Law That Might Change The Industry Forever. #1 Enako Calms The Internet

New Japanese Cosplay Law

The new Japanese Cosplay Law may regulate social media photos and the monetization made from them. Could affect the United States.

Cosplay can be a massive moneymaker. Enako (pictured above) has made over $1000,000 a month from public appearances, merchandise, photo-books, talk sessions, and endorsements for Japan’s most popular professional cosplay. In order to sell images or clips of them dressed as famous characters, other cosplayers often earn money. Creators don’t get a cut at present, and this will change with the amendment. In addition, in the new Japanese Cosplay Law, it is proposed that a structured set of rules will help prevent any conflicts with creators.

New Japanese Cosplay Law
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It’s been an ongoing discussion within the Japanese government, and the government is pushing forward to create legislation in order to alleviate ambiguities with existing copyright law, according to the online news site Nikkan Sports. Although cosplay that is not for profit may not be affected, cosplay images uploaded to social media can be liable for infringement, and cosplayers who make money from events.

Tweet Translated Using Software:

I think there are some misunderstandings about the details on the amendments to cosplay copyright being spread out there, but this article is easy to understand.

(Link to article from Nikkan Sports)

I had a conversation with Minister Inoue, and without interfering with the current cosplay culture, we are looking for a way to protect copyright.

Hopefully, any proposed legislation would help shield cosplayers from firms suing them by establishing specific guidelines, rather than merely opening up businesses to demand takedowns of uploading personal cosplay images on social media or wearing costumes for fun at conventions. However, this new Japanese Cosplay law could mean that cosplayers worldwide will lose their ability to earn.

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