Nightmare Before Christmas ” How They Died ” Part 1

Fan Theories of How The Characters Died



The Mayor of Halloween Town


Either he was a sociopath while alive or bipolar. The support for being bipolar is the fact that the slightest thing can change his mood and as a result, his head spins. This also can support a sociopath as it would seem his mood changes in order to manipulate the situation in his favor. We are leaning more towards bipolar. The fact that he can twist his neck a full 180 degrees leads us to believe that he died by a broken neck.





Lock is the kid who dresses in red and wears a devil mask. The theory is that he died of a being frozen to death. His devil costume can convey the desire to become warm wear as his blue lips and pale skin is an indication of being frozen to death because these are features of someone who dies in this way.





We get into more Fan theories surrounding the Nightmare Before Christmas. The video above is a continuation of the first part and there will be two other parts coming as well. There will be a fourth tying several of Tim Burtons Films together.  What are your theories surrounding The Nightmare Before Christmas?





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