Nintendo Lawsuit Goes to War With ROM Sites For $100,000

$100 Million Nintendo Lawsuit To Prevent Piracy, Illegal Emulation


Nintendo Lawsuit - Geek Impulse


Gaming fans know that Nintendo is super strict when it comes to copyright. I made a Video with 15 seconds of gameplay from Nintendo and it got Copy Striked. They are infamous for the “lockout chip,” or NES10 chip.  It was implemented in the hardware profile of the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). The company did this to prevent third party developers from making unauthorized software for the system in the 80’s.


Nintendo named two ROM distribution websites, and in a massive lawsuit. Both sites allowed for downloads of game files known as ROMs. These files can be loaded for free. Emulation software is free as well which when pairing these together allows for the downloader to use original Nintendo games on computers, mobile phones, tablets, and even hacked NES and SNES classic consoles.


Nintendo - Geek Impulse before Nintendo’s lawsuit vs. after



Here is an excerpt from Nintendo Enthusiast:


This isn’t the first time that Nintendo has gone after ROM-hosting websites, and most certainly will not be the last. But this lawsuit, in particular, will likely set the bar very high for future cases. There’s a chance that Nintendo hit the “Love” sites with such a huge fine in order to scare similar websites and prick them to remove all material that violates copyright and trademark law.


Nintendo makes no confusion about their stance on the matter of Copyright and ROMs. They have a complete website for anyone who might have questions about it. You can find that here. It is dedicated to describing the legal meaning behind terms such as “copyright” and ‘trademark”, as well as its stance ROMs and emulators.





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