With Noveto You Wont Ever Need Headphones Again

A New Audio Technology  Making Headphones obsolete



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A start up called Noveto, has taken the world of sound in a very amplified way. Featured at CES 2018, this technology will deliver sound directly to your ear and no one else around you. How do they do this? By focused sound waves. The company brought on Brian Wallace from Magic Leap to bring the product to market and helped them raise $1.4 billion.



Noveto has come up with a technology that can do exactly the same thing as headphones — deliver sound right to your ears without disturbing those around you — except without the headphones themselves. There is absolutely no need to even wear the technology at all. 




According to Business Insider:


Noveto’s focused audio is different — it’s “steerable,” Tomer Shani, a Noveto cofounder, told Business Insider during an interview. That is to say, Noveto’s focused audio can follow you around as you move, something directional audio can’t do.

To follow you around, Noveto uses 3D-tracking technology to see where your ears are, and it delivers audio right to them.

“I need to know the position of your ears in space so I know where to build my sound bubbles,” Shani told Business Insider of the technology. Shani is one of its main engineers, along with his colleague and cofounder, Noam Babayoff.



I’m  personally excited to see how this can be used to help the hearing-impaired. For the conspiracy theorist it’s a Great concept. If weaponized – auditory hallucinations?? Lol My biggest question though, is this a problem that really needs to be solved? Let me know in the comments below. 







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