Olympics 2021 Coverage Coming to Twitch VIA NBC Which Will Jumpstart the Games into The Modern Age

Olympics 2021

Despite having been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Olympic Games are expected to take place in Tokyo this summer. Although the action will be shown on multiple NBC networks in the United States, there will be another way to get your Olympics 2021 fill.

Olympics 2021 and Twitch

Olympics 2021
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There will be an NBC Olympics 2021 Twitch channel with regular highlight shows, participant interviews, and Olympic-themed gaming tournaments — after all, it is a Twitch channel. Twitch can also create content that is inspired by the Games’ “passion and competitiveness.” Twitch talent as well as the NBC Olympics team will be included in this material.

“The way that people consume traditional sporting events is changing,” Michael Aragon, chief content officer at Twitch, said via the company. “They no longer want to simply spectate; they want to be as close to the action and athletes as possible.

“We’ve seen this firsthand with the development of our Twitch sports community, as fans tune in not only to see their favorite stars, but also to participate in pre- and post-game interviews and digitally interact with other fans from all over the world.”

A breakdown of What you can expect

Twitch said its developers and communities will “work together to keep the Torch alive” on the NBC Olympics Twitch channel leading up to the Opening Ceremony (July 23), including digitally lighting the Olympic flame while the real flame is lit in Tokyo and hosting virtual pre-Opening Ceremony parties.

Daily Interactive Clip Show the best-of moments from the Tokyo Olympics will be featured in a daily clip show format on Twitch, complete with polls, live AMAs, and games that complement NBC’s programming and stories about athletes and events that the Twitch community is passionate about.

Three teams of Twitch developers will participate in a regular competition featuring family-friendly sports, in the spirit of the Olympic Games. Throughout the 17-day Games, teams can earn “medals” in a variety of competitions. At the conclusion of the Olympics, a count will be used to determine which team will take home the ultimate gold medal.

The show will end with a Twitch version of an awards ceremony and a look back at the Top Ten highlights from all of the coverage on the NBC Olympics 2021 stream during the Events.

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