One Lonely Outpost Is The Stardew Valley of Space. Also a 4-Person Multiplayer

One Lonely Outpost

One Lonely Outpost is a cute little sci-fi game at the edge of the galaxy with a 4-person cooperative multiplayer.

One Lonely Outpost, a space-setting farming sim. It has made a bit of noise on Kickstarter. It has earned just over $123,195 out of its $80,000 target, as of writing this. In a remote village in a distant world, the game challenges gamers to develop crops and relationships. Targeting a release currently on PC and Switch, Xbox. PlayStation, Mac, and Linux. You can check out the trailer below, and head over to the Kickstarter page if you’re curious.

Inverting the normal trope rather than joining an established society as an outsider, One Lonely Outpost has a player who travels to a new world to create a community. From the beginning, the player and their farm must be a cornerstone of that group, helping it to develop into the kind of vibrant and bucolic little town that another game might begin in.

According to their Kickstarter:

The planet which you will name is one full of mystery. Despite having no living matter whatsoever, it has oxygen and a water system. Go out and explore, and you’ll find four ancient alien ruins with robots that seek to test you. If you fail, they don’t harm you…much. Instead they dump you out at the entrance and wait for you to try again. Pass their tests and you may just discover how this unique world came to be, and what that means for its future.

While at first glance, the game looks a lot like a simple Stardew Valley in space, it is our sincere hope that One lonely outpost will be a success.

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