Online Drinking Party With Japanese Swimsuit Models Anyone?

April 29 is the beginning of a series of Japanese holidays known as the Golden Week. This time spend it with Japanese Swimsuit Models. This is in stark contrast to Japan’s traditional holiday seasons such as Oshogatsu during the New Year and of course Obon which begins in early August. During this time of year, people are expected to return to their hometowns and spend time with their extended family. Golden Week is a modern creation that has been set up to give citizens a much-needed time off.

Because of the current Covid-19 situation, Golden Week had to be a little different, and leave it to Japan to be innovative. drinking parties with beautiful swimsuit models. That’s the plan from gravure talent agency R.I.P.

A total of nine of R.I.P.’s models will participate in the virtual sakaba (bar) project, which will host remote drinking parties with fans through the Zoom video chat app. Up to five fans can join each party, which lasts 30 minutes, and each model will have five parties a day.

Tickets are required for parties and can be purchased online through the Livepocket ticketing service. All tickets are priced at 6,600 yen (US$ 62), with the exception of those for the Morisaki parties which have a premium of 7,700 yen. Note that the ticket is simply for a seat at a virtual table, and you’re still going to have to provide your own food and drink. For fans who want to get back on a cold one with Hashimoto, those chances come on the nights of April 29 and May 6, while Morisaki’s dates are April 29 and May 3.

Here are the Links Below:


Satomi Morisaki
Rina Hashimoto  
Miumi Nakamura https: //T.Livepocket.Jp/e/44i3h

Inuwarabe Minori
Mighty × Airi Ikejiri
Tomomi Morisaki
Yukiko Kawaji x Shiori Usui


Miumi Nakamura https: //
Rina Hashimoto
Aya Hazuki

Sources: PR Times

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