Overwatch 2 Details Revealed, Awesome New Maps, Captivating Character Designs, and More

Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2: Behind the Scenes featurette gave players a look at the ongoing development

Although an official release date for the game has yet to be confirmed, during Blizzconline 2021, Blizzard released several new information about Overwatch 2 and a Look Behind the Scenes. Numerous gameplay updates, added maps, Story/Hero Missions info, the latest hero progression system, and more are included in the new game info were provided.

Here is a list of Overwatch 2 reveals more in depth.
  • New maps Revealed for Rome and New York
  • Updated Roles
    • Tanks will be more like ‘brawlers’ instead of being just for shield duty.
    • Each hero has more passive abilities
  • Hero Mission – New co-op game mode
    • Think of them as extended versions of seasonal co-op modes from Overwatch (with a slight story emphasis)
  • Story Missions – Serves as the game’s campaign mode
    • Four-player co-op mode
    • Story maps are made specifically for the mission and will be massive in scale
    • These missions will progress the overall story of Overwatch and is tailored to each hero you choose
  • Progressions & Talents – Heroes will have multiple skill trees for players to choose and customize.
    • Likely limited to co-op and story modes, but we hope it will also apply to multiplayer
  • New Enemy Combatant Designs for Hero and Story Missions
  • Sojourn is confirmed to be the next Overwatch hero (no details yet on abilities).
Overwatch 2
© Blizzard
Hero Aesthetic Changes For Overwatch 2:
  • The team showed more of the improvements they have made to existing heroes, including enhanced fabric technology and a more sophisticated face rig to allow characters to be more expressive (particularly in cinematics).
  • McCree now wears a full beard, is noticeably aged, and has a more armored appearance.
  • Pharah now wears more of the blue and white colours of the original Overwatch and has a transparent visor to allow more emotions to appear.
  • Reaper is now more fully armored, sporting more shiny costumes. His mask has had its hue changed.
  • More of a cyberpunk aesthetic has been given to Widowmaker, and her ponytail is now a massive braid.
Overwatch 2
© Blizzard

One creator joked that if you put points into the right skills, you could make the explosives specialist, Junkrat, wield two grenade launchers instead of one. And that’s only with the 32 heroes of the first title, not counting the new characters of the sequel like Sojurn or whoever else is waiting in the wings.

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