‘P-Pop’ The Next Big Thing and SB19 is leading the way Capturing the Hearts of Filipinos Everywhere


Pablo, Josh, Justin, Stell, and Ken make up SB19, which made an appearance in 2018 under ShowBT Philippines. With their hit songs “Go Up,” “Alab,” and their most recent return release “What?” they are gaining popularity in the Philippine and international entertainment scene.

It’s tough to define what Pinoy Pop music is. It’s known as ‘PPop,’ a fast-evolving sub-genre of addictive, relevant, and rhythmic music that combines the creative and grounded aesthetics of OPM (Original Pilipino Music) with visually enhanced Contemporary and KPop music drops.

SB19 The Hype is Real

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ShowBT Philippines Corp., the original company behind SB19, is the local branch of ShowBT, a South Korean company established by Seong Han Geong (also known as Robin Geong). Geong, a former comic who transitioned from being a performer in South Korea’s media industry to entrepreneurship over a decade ago, has been instrumental in endeavoring to adapt the K-pop model to SB19 in the hopes of the group having a global effect.

They are the first act from the Philippines and Southeast Asia to be nominated for a Billboard Music Award in the division of Top Social Artist. They were also the first Southeast Asian group to chart in the top ten of Billboard’s Social 50 weekly and annual lists. SB19’s music is classified as Pinoy pop (P-pop), a common subgenre of Original Filipino Music.

The boy band composes their own music based on their own experiences and observations. However, the band has struggled to establish its creative image after its practice video of “Go Up” went viral in September 2019.

SB19 will donate proceeds from new limited-edition merchandise to purchase personal protective equipment (PPE) for hospitals in the Philippines.

Stell, Josh, Pablo, Ken, and Justin were joined by designer Chynna Mamawal of Casa in a recent interview with TV Patrol to discuss their joint project, a top-quality line of streetwear merch influenced by the boyband’s latest single “What?”

“Not only do we get to design chic clothing for our fans, but we also get to support a lot of people,” she says. “A portion of the proceeds will be used to manufacture personal protective equipment (PPE) that will be donated to select hospitals,” Mamawal said in the interview.

SB19’s authenticity as a Filipino act is vital to them, and they hope that people understand how undeniably Pinoy they are and not just an approximation of what a K-pop group might be while performing in another language, despite being run by a Korean company and drawing inspiration from K-pop.

“People have mistaken us for a K-pop band, not a P-pop band,” Josh explains. “However, I believe that what matters most is how our essence finds its way into our songs. That, I believe, is the most important aspect of how we portray ourselves in the P-pop industry. Not only are there a lot of Filipino talents that go unnoticed, but there are also a lot of Filipinos who merit to be recognized. Perhaps we can be one of the turning stones from which Filipino talent can be showcased to the rest of the world.” Here is their official website.

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