Park Si Yeon Has Been Forwarded For Prosecution Following DUI. Uncensored 21

Park Si Yeon

After being booked for a DUI, Park Si Yeon was referred to the prosecutor by the police with a recommendation for indictment.

According to the Seoul Songpa Police Station, the actress was referred to the prosecution on 26 January on suspicions, including driving under the influence of the Road Traffic Act Compliance Decree and breaching the Special Cases Act on the Resolution of Traffic Accidents.

It was previously reported that Park Si Yeon was driving at about 11:30 a.m. on January 17. At a three-way intersection, she rammed the back bumper of a car that had been waiting for the light to shift to make a left turn. It is said that her blood alcohol content level was 0.097%, which is high enough to allow the driver’s license to be revoked.

Park Si Yeon

The Actress was apparently alone in her car and there was a passenger in the car that was struck along with the driver, and no one is said to have suffered serious injuries. Park Si Yeon was booked for allegedly driving under the influence, and she was questioned right after the incident and confessed to all suspicions, according to sources.

Her agency released a statement stating that the actress had been drinking at home the night before (January 16) and claimed she was no longer intoxicated on January 17. In order to apologize, Park Si Yeon also posted on Instagram.

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