Happiness is A Peanuts Themed Hotel Opening in Japan

Peanuts Themed Hotel Opening in Japan



Peanuts Themed Hotel - Geek Impulse


The Peanuts Themed Hotel in Japan looks really cool. Japan is one of the most successful places for the brand. There is already many toys and art work you can get. The hotel itself will hav a themed cafe and store on sight. Here is what it says from their official press release:


Within the comics, there is a strip where Snoopy is visited by birds that fall asleep on his doghouse and he comments, ‘It’s nice to have a home where your guests feel comfortable,’ which is the concept of this new hotel



Peanuts Themed Hotel - Geek Impulse


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There is also a Peanuts Cafe©, Peanuts Diner and a gift shop located in the hotel as mentioned above ©Peanuts World Wide LLC


Each room will have its own creative concept that is themed after a special Peanuts comic strip. Reservations are available now, but its selling out super fast as you can imagine. Here are some more photos of rooms and concepts below. 




The Peanuts Themed Hotel will be located in Kobe Japan. The official motto is, “It’s nice to have a home where guests feel comfortable.” It will be spread out among six floors. As mentioned previously the cafe will be on the first. It will serve light dishes and snack. The third floor will be the official diner. It will take up the Peanuts western them. It will have a variety of American Style classic dishes for foodies. Each floor will have a differing theme attached to it. “Imagine,” “Love” and “Happy.” Each of those three will have their own unique design.



Peanuts Themed Hotel - Geek Impulse



If you want to see more photos you can go to their official site below our you can find it on our instagram and social media. Be sure to head over there to voice your happy comments about this news and join in on conversations. 





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