Pentagon UFO Report – Watch the New Video Leaked Before the History Making Dossier 2021

Pentagon UFO Report

On July 15, 2019, US Navy servicemen videotaped something they couldn’t identify – at least, that’s what a new video claims to show. The footage was released on the website of Jeremy Corbell, a filmmaker and UFO enthusiast, on Thursday afternoon which will be part of the Pentagon UFO Report.

We can see what looks to be a radar screen with many things moving over the area in the new clip. One of the persons watching the radar shouts, “holy shit,” at one point in the video.

Pentagon UFO Report Expectations and Video Below

Pentagon UFO Report
© Albert Antony

The following is the description of the footage paraphrased for you, our readers. If you want to go to the website with the original description, you can do so by clicking here.

Four clips are included in this RADAR data release, as well as several unknown targets (and one civilian vessel). In this footage, some of the unknown targets fall off the radar. Throughout the UFO encounter series, this happened several times. There were at least fourteen unknowns spotted at one time during the peak of the interactions. At 11 p.m., one of the unknown targets entered the sea, bringing the event series to a close. There was no wreckage discovered. The unidentifiable craft were never found.

This is just the most recent increase in what is quickly becoming an all-consuming preoccupation among Americans. Sarah Scoles, a journalist, and author of the UFO culture book They Are Already Here, has been investigating UFO occurrences for four years, but she never expected events to flare up as quickly as they have in recent months. She is optimistic about the Pentagon UFO Report.

We need to talk about Dr. Steven Greer for a moment as well!

Steven M. Greer spoke at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. on May 9, 2001, in search of the truth regarding unidentified flying objects. Greer, a Virginia emergency room physician, and prominent ufologist claimed that the government has suppressed knowledge of alien visitations from the American people for a long time. In an attempt to infiltrate the sanctums of conspiracy, he launched the Disclosure Project in 1993. Greer estimated that twenty people spoke that day. He supplied a four-hundred-and-twenty-two-page document called the “Disclosure Project Briefing Document” to back up his assertions.

Greer had created a ninety-five-page “Executive Summary of the Disclosure Project Briefing Document” for government officials too busy to comprehend such a massive amount of repressed information. The “Executive Summary” opened with “A Brief Summary,” which comprised a series of bullet points summarizing what equated to the greatest secret in human history after some throat clearing. His official website for Sirius Disclosure can be found at the link. For years he has talked about a potential Pentagon UFO Report.

If you have not already, we suggest watching Dr. Greer’s ‘Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind.‘ You will find information that will come out in the Pentagon UFO Report. That is our opinion though, but it can happen.

Following “Sirius” (2013) and “Unacknowledged” (2017), “Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind” is the third documentary to focus on Dr. Steven Greer, the pioneer of the alien-visitation “disclosure” campaign. “Unacknowledged” was an extraterrestrial mission statement, and it’s a film that can draw you in and give you that down-the-rabbit-hole feeling, such that as you watch the footage and scan the concealed government documents and listen to the testimonies, you can find yourself on the verge of believing. “You have to see ‘Unacknowledged,’” Steven Tyler says to his host on “The Joe Rogan Experience” in “Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind.”

For years, many people and media make fun of him and others. Yet here we are authoring an article about the Pentagon UFO Report that is supposed to come out this month. Opinion: We should be skeptical, but also openminded so that we can discover things instead of listening solely to others even us. You the reader should do your own research and come to your own conclusions.

So why is there even going to be a Pentagon UFO Report?

Pentagon UFO Report
© Artem Kovalev

A series of leaked Pentagon tapes alleging to show UFOs is what served as the catalyst for the Pentagon UFO report. Here is a list of milestones that created the momentum for the report:

  • The most recent footage, which was obtained by Corbell on May 27, 2021, appears to show the US Navy meeting many strange objects on radar.
  • The release of Navy tapes in 2017 sparked a flurry of Internet rumors. The clip shows a swarm of bizarre-looking planes doing weird maneuvers. “What the f—k is that?” the Navy pilots can be heard shouting.
  • The three recordings of “unidentified aerial phenomena” — the official word for UFOs — taken by Navy pilots were formally published by the Pentagon in April 2020.
  • The Pentagon statement implied that the films were authentic, but it did not specify what the crafts were or were thought to be.
  • Following that, an amendment to the Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2021 was introduced, requiring a full examination into UAPs.
  • The government passed the Intelligence Authorization Act in December 2020, requiring an unclassified Pentagon UFO report on UAPs to be issued in 2021.

The Act was included in a massive appropriations bill that also included financial relief cheques for persons affected by Covid-19’s financial ramifications. This month, the report is due. The Director of National Intelligence and the Secretary of Defense will compose it, and it will include everything the US military knows about the phenomenon. It will be brought to the Intelligence and Armed Services committees of Congress first. Thus, the upcoming Pentagon UFO Report.

How will this Pentagon UfO Report affect us, and will it confirm Extraterrestrials exists?
Pentagon UFO Report
© Julia Kadel

When the Pentagon published the footage of the UAPs, they confessed they couldn’t explain the movements the aircraft performed. As a result, it’s safe to presume that the report won’t reveal whether the UAPs are alien spaceships or some other type of foreign technology. That is a matter of National Security.

The government’s wording has made it clear that they have no idea what these flying objects are. “Our military has given you a transparent, honest explanation that they have no idea what these are,” Corbell said. “So, they’re telling it as it is.” Corbell is undecided about whether they are aliens. Corbell says, “I’m not suggesting they’re aliens; I’ve never said that in my life.” “What I’m arguing is that these are unnamed, and we have a right to know, a need to know, and a responsibility to find out for our own safety, national security, and to comprehend our place in the universe as humanity.”

Although extraterrestrial enthusiasts have been ecstatic that the government has now confirmed the film of UAPs, this does not imply that they are alien spaceships. Conversely, it appears that the government’s major focus is whether this constitutes a threat. We believe they exist, but also know there could be those out there that can and will use this knowledge to their own gain. We will see what the Pentagon UFO Report says and update it here with the official link.

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