Physicist Claim to Have Made The Perfect Pizza Because Its a Science

They Do Exist!


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Depending on who you speak to, Pizza is a form of artistic expression as a chef would possibly say about all food creations. While Some say it is a science. Well in fact there is a science to the perfect pizza. A study that was published earlier in the year makes a case for the science of pizza. 


In the journal it states:


Physical principles are involved in almost any aspect of cooking. Here we analyze the specific process of baking pizzas, deriving in simple terms the baking times for two different situations: For a brick oven in a pizzeria and a modern metallic oven at home. Our study is based on basic thermodynamic principles relevant to the cooking process and is accessible to undergraduate students. We start with a historical overview of the development and art of pizza baking, illustrate the underlying physics by some simple common examples, and then apply them in detail to the example of baking pizza.


Researchers found that the best pizza is made by what are called Pizzaiolos. What Italians call Pizza Bakers. Said bakers rely upon curved brick ovens that contain a fire-brick bottom usually heated some where around 625 degrees Fahrenheit. 330 degrees celsius for our non western readers. They believe, backed up by researchers, this is necessary to bake the tomato, mozzarella along with basil through all sides.


You can read the entire paper here. You may not be able to make the best pizza at home, with Physics you just might. Be sure to read the paper for more in depth analysis. Who has the best pizza? Chicago, New York or Italy?










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