Pet Evil! The Table Top Game That is Adorable & Scary as Hell!

Pet Evil Table Top Game Geek Impulse

Nuclear weapons are scary. Do you know what is even more scary? cute, cuddly animals that have access to them. Enter the game Pet Evil! Link Here

This is a strategic card game about world domination and stuff. You know, that old chestnut. This time however its all about your pets being in command. What is the goal of the game? Well, glad you asked. You must scavenge components of a rocket to build the ultimate weapon to blow your opponents away and leave yourself as the last pet standing.

The game is being produced by none other than Studio 71 games. This is the same studio behind card trivia game, The Binding of Issac, Joking Hazard and Half Truth. This is their second go at Kickstarter. This time around they have updated the mechanics of the game and card designs. The game is set to deliver in early 2020, though a specific date has not been set yet.

I am not a huge tabletop gamer myself, though this game looks interesting, to say the least. It has a dark humor to it that is hard to ignore as is its kawaii factor. There are those who love games that can exploit the chaos in various ways. They will be the first to buy. If you are someone who is really clever you may be able to convince others to negotiate with you and accepting cards that are purely evil. We want to know what your thoughts are. Would you get this game? Let us know in the comments below.

Some of the comments already on Kickstarter are:

Q: There was mention of new partners on the project so I have to ask, will Golden Bell Studios have Any part of this project what so ever?

A: We have no affiliation with Golden Bell Studios. Our partners are GamesQuest and Studio 71 Games. Studio 71 have been a part of the awesome games such as; Binding of Isaac, Half truth and Joking Hazard, so we’re in good hands.

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  1. gamesquestbenji

    And nearly funded already! Incredibly proud to be a part of this. Is anyone going to Essen Spiel to be able to get a sneak peek?

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