PewDiePie Buys Dream House in Japan

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Everyone is surprised as they thought it was just a second part of their honeymoon, but turns out there was more to their traveling to Japan. Photo’s © PewDiePie

The biggest YouTuber in the world is none other than PewDiePie. A Swedish YouTuber, he recently married the love of his life. At 29 years old, he has amassed a following over 101 million as of writing this. A corporate entity has taken the spot from him, but it doesn’t count as he is the most subscribed individual on YouTube only to be topped by T-series, a music company out of India.

He is best known for making gaming videos, as it is what originally got him is internet fame. He has mixed it up by creating travel vlogs as well, doing meme review shows and engaging with his fans via Reddit. If you are a fan of his then you know he is in love with Japan. Below at the 19:05 minute mark is when he makes the announcement.

Hey, remember a while back when the last time I was in Japan I was like, ‘Oh, I’d really like to live here’? Well, we bought a house here. Yeeeah! And we’re just here for a couple of days, setting up. That’s why I don’t have my whole setup and everything’s terrible. But I did just want to say, thank you, it’s a dream come true, in a way, and, uh yeah…


Japan’s new immigration laws have made it easier for foreigners. As they do own a business which is a fashion company called Tsuki, and the amount of money he has in his bank account, it is safe to say they got a business visa, which would be the best one for them and would allow for them to buy a house etc… No one knows exactly where the home is located and that is a good thing. We are hoping for this new adventure of his is a fruitful one even if the house is just a vacation home.

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