Philippine Artist Draws Anime Style Backgrounds Inspired by Manila

Pinoy Artist Gets Inspired By Manila & Anime


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Aeon_ix is the artists pen name. He is a 21 year old student residing in Quezon City. He creates art inspired by the backgrounds of Manila. Like other artist, this one can also be added to the list of artists who reimagine local places.  Apparently he has been drawing since the age of 17 and was inspired by his father who also draws.



In an Interview with InqPOP!  This is what the artist had to say:


that these places — such as the MRT, old establishments, or even marketplaces like Divi — gave him a feeling of nostalgia. He recalled how his grandma or mom brought him to these places often when he was a kid. “So I guess going to these places again as an adult [impressed a strong feeling of nostalgia] to me that it inspired me a lot to draw,” he added.

Aeonix shared that  his “…favorite time of the day is 5pm, or the golden hour — where shadows are long, and almost everything looks melodramatic and a bit sad, but hopeful. He wanted people to “…see these familiar sceneries in [his] perspective” and that in doing so “…they’ll appreciate them as well in a different light.”



What are your thoughts on this art? Usually we see this from Japan, but with the growth of Anime around the world we see things like this. Aeon_ix is currently working on his webcomics “Smile.” 

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