Piano No Mori is getting TV Adaptation on NHK

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Adaptation of Seinen manga by Makoto Isshiki about a boy becoming a pianist hits the NHK network on April 09, 2018


If you love the piano as much as I do then this might be the Anime for you. Recently A new trailer was published for Piano no Mori  or in the english translation Forest of the Piano, an upcoming TV anime based on the seinen manga by Makoto Isshiki about a young boy who grows up to become a professional pianist after discovering a love for music. The young boy ventures into the woods only to stumble upon an old piano. That is where the journey begins.


The original Manga for this adaptation of Piano No Mori Ran from 1998-2015 in Kodansha’s Young Manga Uppers and Weekly Morning magazines. You can find the 2007 film version  which was directed by Masayuki Kojima and the animation was done by Madhouse. The Piano no Mori TV anime series will be directed by Gaku Nakatani and the animation will be done by the folks at Gainax Studio. As I mentioned above Piano no Mori TV anime adaptation will be broadcasted in Japan on the NHK network and is set to air on April 09, 2018.



Kai Ichinose was raised with a piano, found abandoned in a forest. While there, he encounters a former genius pianist Sousuke Ajino, as well as Shuuhei Amamiya, whose father was a widely-respected pianist, who helped him foster his own piano talent to eventually blossom. The story from here on out is of him finally competing in the International Chopin Piano Competition.


Soma Saito will play protagonist Ichinose Kai
Suwabe Junichi will play Ajino Sousuke, Kai’s piano teacher
Hanae Natsuki will play Kai’s friend, Amamiya Shuhei
Ichinose Kai as an elementary school student will be played by Shiraishi Ryoko
Amamiya Sosuke as an elementary school student will be played by Taichi You



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