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Pixie X Men

Megan Gwynn (Pixie X Men) is a Welsh schoolgirl who studies mutants at the Xavier Institute. Her genetic abilities were awakened following an accident in which she was riding her bicycle in the highway and nearly collided with a car. She was awarded a Xavier Institute of Higher Learning fellowship. Gwynn was appointed to the Paragons training unit after enrolling at the Institute, where former New Mutant Rahne Sinclair mentored her, Wolfsbane. Sinclair left the school after it was found that she had been in a love relationship with a student, Josh Foley, and was succeeded by Magma, a former teammate.

Nunzio DeFilippis, Christina Weir, and Michael Ryan created Pixie. In November of 2004, she made her initial appearance in New X-Men: Academy X #5. Pixie was first introduced as a happy-go-lucky teen mutant who accepted her affliction. She was a competent flier at the time, and she could induce delusions in others by exposing them to her “pixie” dust.

Pixie X Men, More History and Facts You Need To Know

Pixie X Men

She would have faded into oblivion as one of many new mutants developed by Marvel in the early 2000s if the incidents of M-Day hadn’t restored reality and brought Magik back to life. Belasco (the former lord of the Limbo Realm) believed that his old pupil (Magik) had resurfaced. In order to find her, he developed Darkchild, a soulless counterpart of Magik’s demonic form. This version of Darkchild eluded Belasco while he was engaged deposing the present monarch of the Limbo Realm.

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Megan has demonstrated supernatural characteristics such as sensitivity to magic and resilience to magical influences since Magik took a piece of her soul. She once managed to break through an N’Garai cloaking enchantment. She may now summon a Soul Knife, akin to Magik’s Soul Sword, and cast a translocation spell because of the modification. It’s uncertain whether her mother’s fae nature influences her talents.

In X-Infernus, Pixie and Nightcrawler are competing in a friendly teleportation race. The race was scheduled to begin at the Transamerica Pyramids and conclude at the Golden Gate Bridge. Pixie has already been there waiting for Nightcrawler when he arrives. Nightcrawler is surprised she arrived so quickly, but he is even more surprised when she offers him her next bit of information. Pixie claims that she not only defeated him, but that she accomplished so in a single “leap.”

Nightcrawler is taken aback because he had to make several “leap” to get to the bridge. Nightcrawler admits to being a little envious of the young lady and challenges her to one final race. Pixie instructs him to give the location a name, and Nightcrawler chooses the “Danger chamber.”

Pixie X Men Powers and Abilities

  • Wings – Her previously rainbow-colored butterfly wings allow her to fly with incredible agility and speed. Her wings have become withered and darkened as she lost a chunk of her soul.
  • Pixie Dust – ability to make a glitter-like substance that causes hallucinations when it comes into contact with live organisms
  • Summon Soul Dagger
  • Teleportation
  • The ability to learn more Magik spells, but this ability has not been used recently to show scope of ability.

Favorite quote from Pixie X Men

“I lost a portion of my soul, but Doctor Strange and that sorceress Amanda Sefton checked me out, and Doctor Strange declared I had enough of soul to spare.” Did you know I can now perform magic? I have my soul dagger and have already mastered a spell that allows me to teleport! Doctor Strange also claimed that he could teach me more, but that I had to be 18 to do so. I’m also required to take a vow of silence.”

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