Playboy Japan Magazine features one piece cosplayers Captivate 1,000th

Playboy Japan

The disparity between Playboy in Japan and Playboy in the United States boils down to the magazine’s otaku roots. Because the photoshoot was exclusive, fans shouldn’t expect a One Piece-themed Playboy cover every week.

The 1,000th published chapter of the manga is commemorated on the cover and on the inside. Miyuu Ikeda (also known as “Michopa”), a fashion model, cosplays as Nami on the cover. Michopa, Reina Sumi, Enako, Tomi, Asuka Kawazu, and Ayako Inokuchi, who decorate the pages and cover the edition with their gravure talents. All show off their serious “dress cosplay” gravure!

The Playboy Japan Photos

If you’re curious, Weekly Playboy Japan is not the Japanese equivalent of Hugh Hefner’s Playboy. The above photos are just a preview of the full partnership, which includes the girls dressed as more characters, as well as feedback from well-known celebrities who are One Piece fans, in this week’s issue. Some of the girls mentioned above took to their personal Twitter profiles to express their delight at the collaborative efforts and to share some behind-the-scenes photos.

Michopa, a Japanese fashion model, is featured on the cover as Nami, and in the publication as her favorite character Chopper. Michopa’s full name is Ikeda Miyu. The 30th of October, 1998, was when she was born. Has an A blood type and is from Shizuoka Prefecture.

Enako herself is in the Playboy Japan edition and is considered to be the top cosplayer and has expanded her career over the years and is always a popular topic amongst otaku. She is even involved in government affairs nationally and draws some of the biggest crowds at conventions. You can watch the video below if you do not have the option to buy the magzine.

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