A 12 Year Old Battling A Rare Cancer Plays Fallout 76

Bethesda Making Dreams Come True With Fallout 76


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                                                                    CREDIT: Wes’ Fight Against Neuroblastoma/Facebook




Bethesda recently granted a last wish for a young boy battling Neuroblastoma. The rare cancer has reached stage four and Wes, the 12 year old from Hamptons Road, VA. was granted the ability to play the game that is not due out until November. In a post on the families Facebook page they state:


Days after Wes had been told that Sloan [Hospital] wanted to stop treatment, he cried to us that he just realized that he probably would never get to play the Power Armor Edition of the new ‘Fallout 76’ game he had preordered as soon as it was announced back in June which isn’t set to be released until this November. He brought it up multiple times in the following days.


The Assistant Director Matt Grandstaff at Bethesda, drove 4 hours to hand deliver the game to Wes and even sat there with him while he played the game. Wes was also given a prototype of the power armor helmet, signed by Todd Howard, game director and executive producer at Bethesda. This is being reported by Variety


Howard previously stated in an interview with Geoff Keighley at Gamelab that having children visit Bethesda Game Studios through Make-a-Wish is “the greatest thing we do,” adding, “We don’t talk about it a lot,” Howard said. “I am now, but it’s a very private thing. The one takeaway is the family – because they always come in with their family – they think it’s just a fun ‘this is what my child wants to do’, but then they see this operation of hundreds of people and what we’re doing and how passionate we are, and they leave with this new connection with their child and it is… it’s seriously magical.”


This story warms our hearts here at Geek Impulse. We hope this article gave you a similar experience. It is amazing how sometimes its the littlest things that can make all the difference in someones life. We wish Wes all the best in his journey and we want to hear from you all as well. Be sure to check out Make a Wish Foundation Below. 



The Impactful Make A Wish Foundation started in the mid 1980’s in the United States. Today they operate in various regions around the globe. Humbly boasting around 13,000 wishes as of today, give or take a few 1,000. The foundation is primarily volunteer driven which is a testament to how much of an impact they have on society. If you can lend a helping hand, Make-A-Wish will be very grateful to you I am sure.





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Wes Family

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