Pokémon Go Just Got Social in A Big Way


You Can Now Make Friends And Trade Pokémon


Later this week an new update will come to Pokémon Go. Niantic announced that it plans to give users the update is has wanted since its initial launch in 2016. Friendship in Pokémon Go comes with special bonuses, according to Niantic.


Pokémon Go social feature will encourage players to exchange six-letter, personalized Trainer Codes. These codes are used in order to add each other to their list of friends. Once a friend request has been accepted, trainers then can check out their friends’ stats in the main profile screen, including what their most recent in-game activity was.


While the friendship feature is crucial to the games continued success, trading might prove to be the best idea. Niantic first teased that it would allow players to swap monsters in Pokémon Go in the game’s debut trailer. Players cannot exchange Pokémon online; they must be physically near each other in order to initiate a trade. So it only works locally. 


Upon approval from a trading partner, there will be no limitations on which Pokémon players can send to each other. Where it really helps to have close friends is with Special Trades. These trades are only available to Great Friends and above, and they’re the only way to exchange the following: Legendary Pokémon, shiny Pokémon and Pokémon you’ve yet to log in your Pokédex (like regional exclusives). Special Trades come with an inherently high stardust cost, but that will also go down as your Friendship level goes up.




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