Pokemon Masters Gaming Review

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Time to spin your hat backward to show you are serious. DeNa Co.’s Pokemon Masters is now available across mobile platforms today and now it’s time to do some serious battling. Where Pokemon Go has you traveling the real world searching for Pokemon, Masters has you and your Pikachu (yes he is your Pokemon partner) travel to the island of Pasio to recruit other trainers and take part in the Pokemon Masters league. Assemble your team of trainers and their partner Pokemon as you take part in 3v3 battles to become the strongest there ever was.

starting out 3
Starting Out

Wait this is a Mobile Game?

This game is surprisingly beautiful. The colorful designs of the Pokemon world are ever-present but what took me off guard the amount of animation they put in this game. All the Pokemon and Trainers that show on-screen are animated. Whether they are standing around in the background, or you are interacting with them, they are never static and showing some expressive movement. They are not silent either, everything is text-based but minor characters will have some sound-work done while recognizable trainers and gym leaders have personal voice work and lines. This only becomes more apparent during the battle sequences. All battles have startup animations and biggest comes from the special attacks that are full animation sequences with both trainer and Pokemon that end with spectacular finishing movie. Reminding you this is a Mobile game yet it felt like I was watching Sword and Shield gameplay.

battle and exp 1
Battle Display and Exp Screen

Get to the Battling

If you are familiar with any Gameboy Pokemon game you know how to battle. Each Pokemon has a basic moves list and a power move that you can choose from and you may target which opponent you wish to attack. The difference is the addition of the move gauge. Your team shares this gauge and attacking depletes it. The gauge does recharge slowly so choose your attacks wisely or your team will be stuck standing there taking hits.

battle picture 1
Start of Battle Cut Scene

Anything Else?

Everything else seems to be standard mobile game essentials. You progress by doing story quests and battling. Going through the story unlock other trainers and places on the map. Pokemon get experience and level up during battles. There are side events that you can grind out to give you items to help unlock Pokemon abilities and improve trainer stats. It seems basic Pokemon can evolve but you need items to do so. Surprisingly there doesn’t seem to be some sort of energy bar that depletes whenever you do a mission or battle. Things like that limit how long you can play in a day (unless you pay to recharge it) but it seems you can play as long as you want.

Special attack x3 1
Epic Special Attack Moves

Any Trouble?

There have been a few moments where I could not log into the game but once it was running everything seems to work fine.


Pokemon Master is a solid mobile game. If you wanted the battle aspect of the Pokemon without the catching aspect then this is the game for you. Personally, I lose interest in games like this. I will probably play this religiously for a while and then stop cold turkey. Until then this and Pokemon Go can both share space on my phone.

What do you think of Pokemon Masters? Is it just a place holder until Sword and Shield arrive? Let us know in the comments below.

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