Pokemon = Monpoke! Maternity Wear for the Pokemon Generation of New Moms

Late last year, the owners of The Pokemon Company trademarked a new name; Monpoke. (Pokemon in reverse!)


Nintendo is really going for broke with its revolutionary Pokemon products this year, as hot on the heels of their latest games comes Monpoke maternity wear. Nintendo has always carefully considered the age of their market, and it comes as no coincidence that they are bringing out a line of maternity wear the generation that grew up with Pokemon, now that they are all around the age where many will  choose to have kids.


The branding features pastel colors and cute, baby-like Pokemon designs (some of which resemble the Mister Donut Pokemon designs quite closely), but the logo and branding is designed by cacdo (カクド), one of the top 100 globally recognized Japanese people, giving a touch of class to the mostly cute designs.

Monpoke is aiming its market at soon-to-be mothers, right the way up to 36 months. Branding their new line as high-quality, suitable for adults, gift-able merchandise, Monpoke aims to cater to those who want stylish and adorable goods for their new family life.


With maternity and baby wear from renowned company Inujirushi, and toys from Kawada (known for their Nanoblocks, which already have plenty of Pokemon designs), the company is not sparing expense at making high-quality products for its presumably income-earning market.

Interested fans can go and check out the merch at Yokohama’s Maternity and Baby Festa, taking place April 6th & 7th 2019. Entrance is free, so if you happen to be at Pacifico Yokohama, send us your pictures!

Cacdo is a joint venture between Dentsu Inc. and design office “nendo” led by Mr. Oki Sato who is known as a world designer, such as being selected as “100 Japanese people who the world respects” of Newsweek magazine.

Check out the official site here, and the adorable Twitter here.

Photos from Famitsu.

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