Pokemon Unite Currency Types and How You can Get the Most of it Like a Boss 001 Master

Pokemon Unite

Pokémon Unite is now available on Nintendo Switch, with an iOS and Android release planned soon. Players have flocked in droves to the free-to-play Pokémon MOBA game. While players may want assistance to get started on the battlefield, the many features of the game become evident fast. However, there are still some aspects of Pokémon Unite that gamers may require assistance with.

Users can customize their Pokemon and Trainer by purchasing a variety of items with Aeos Gems, ranging from Holowear to Held Items. This guide will show you how much currency you’ll need to pay.

Pokemon Unite: Microtransactions explained

Pokemon Unite
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Aeos Coins

It’s only natural that we start with Aeos Coins, as they’re the most common cash type in Pokemon Unite. During your journey, you’ll come across several Aeos Coins. Most of the time, you’ll win them simply by playing online games. That’s correct, all you must do is what you’ll certainly be doing anyhow.

Daily missions are another way to earn Aeos Coins. Again, it’s a piece of cake. Various training periods come in handy here as well. Because you spend Aeos Coins to purchase fresh licenses, the developer TiMi Studios’ generosity pays off. These licenses can be found on the Battle Committee screen. In Pokemon Unite, there are currently twenty Pokémon to “catch.” This is a great, convenient way to get them.

Aeos Tickets

Coins and tickets are both available in Aeos currency. Aeos Tickets are only used to buy cosmetic items in this new Pokemon MOBA, such as various sorts of apparel. This isn’t for your Pokemon; instead, it’s for your trainer! Who wouldn’t want to snuggle up with a Charizard in a fashionable sweatshirt on a chilly winter night? That would be even better. Daily happenings are useful once again. This will earn you a few Aeos Tickets per day. Leveling up your trainer (remember, your trainer level is vital!) is another way to get this cash.

Fashion Tickets

Tickets for the Fashion Show. These are listed ahead of Holowear Tickets for a reason that will become clear shortly. The Aeos Emporium’s Fashion Exchange accepts Fashion Tickets. This is an additional method of purchasing clothing and accessories, and the goods available for previewing are distinct from those available through Aeos Tickets. The best way to obtain Fashion Ticket currency is to complete Research Institute missions.

Halowear Tickets

You’ve undoubtedly guessed that this also has something to do with cosmetics. Unlike Aeos Tickets and Fashion Tickets, though, this genuinely pertains to your Pokemon. For example, different skins can turn a standard Talonflame into something unique. It’s worth noting that not all skins are available through Holowear Tickets.


This was bound to happen. Every free-to-play game, and certainly every MOBA, will include a method for players to skip the line and grab things quickly… for a real-world money. Pokemon Unite is no different, and the cash is called gems, as it is in several free-to-play games. Certain Zirco Trading costumes are exclusively available in this style. Isn’t that how it goes? Gems can be purchased in numerous tiers, ranging from 60 for $1 to 6,000 for $60.

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