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Pop Team Epic is a very hype and talked about anime. Anime and Manga Fandom cannot shut up about it and rightfully so. Last month the show concluded. The final episode was rich with some of the darkest humor you would expect from the anime. Popuko and Pipimi, the two main characters, merged into one and eradicated the evil known as King Record Co.. King Record Co. is the shows sponsor. Pop Team Epic put a little known studio Kamikaze Douga on the radar for anime fans everywhere. 



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Jumpei Mizusaki is president of Kamikaze Douga studio. He graduated from an art college in Kyoto before founding Kamikaze Douga in 1998, which initially had only three members. Mizusaki incorporated the office in 2003, with the ambitious goal of changing the standing of anime production companies in society. (The Japan News) Mizusaki went on to say:



“It’s wrong for creators to passively accept that anime is hard work with low wages,” Mizusaki said. “For creators to take the initiative in producing interesting work, they must be present from the beginning of production.”



Pop Team Epic is the first TV anime series studio Kamikaze Douga has produced. “King Record producer Kotaro Sudo brought me the original manga by Bkub Okawa. When I read it, I understood why it was for us,” Mizusaki said. “It seemed like the author didn’t want an ‘ordinary’ anime.” Kamikaze Douga studio’s motto is “compromise is death,” “[The motto] is more like the determination we show our clients,” Mizusaki said. “It means, ‘Let’s do a good job together so we both profit, rather than completely ignoring profit.’ In June, the studio will release “Batman Ninja,” its first feature-length animated film based on the U.S. comic Batman, with Mizusaki serving as director. Are you a fan of Pop Team Epic? Are you excited about Batman Ninja? Let us know in the comments below. 




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