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Porsche is a German manufacturer of high performance automobiles. The company was awarded the title of “Most Prestigious Automobile Brand” by Luxury Institute in a 2006 survey.

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History is written by people. For example, by Ferdinand Porsche who established an engineering office in Stuttgart in the 1930s, laying the foundation for the company. Cars with sporty genes were designed there as early as 1931. After his son Ferry took over, this idea was carried forward and evolved into the Porsche 356. The first Sports Car to carry the brand’s name was manufactured as a production model from 1950 onwards in Zuffenhausen. From 1964 onwards, the 356 was replaced by another classic: the Porsche 911. We officially launched the 7th generation of the Sports Car icon at the 64th International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt/Main in 2011.

The Porsche Principal

This quote gets to the heart of everything that makes us who we are. As a brand, as a company, and as an automotive manufacturer. It has been our guiding star – for more than 65 years. And it covers all the values that characterize our work and our vehicles. It’s no wonder, therefore, that no-one can describe this better than the person who created the very first sports car to bear our name: Ferdinand Anton Ernst – or Ferry, for short.

In the beginning I looked around and could not find quite the car I dreamed of. So I decided to build it myself.

Ferry Porsche

His dream of the perfect sports car has always driven us – throughout our history. And we get closer to achieving it every day. With every concept, every development, and every model. Along the way, we follow a plan, an ideal that unites us all. We refer to it simply as the Porsche Principle. The underlying principle is to always get the most out of everything. From day one, we have strived to translate performance into speed – and success – in the most intelligent way possible. It’s no longer all about horsepower, but more ideas per horsepower. This principle originates on the race track and is embodied in every single one of our cars. We call it “Intelligent Performance”.

Sustainability and Responsibility

For Porsche, acting in a sustainable way means assuming responsibility towards people, the environment and society. It is therefore important that we play an active role in current as well as company-relevant discussions in relation to politics and society. In doing so, Porsche can ensure that all company activities comply with the respective laws, internal rules, values, and agreements.

At the Stuttgart and Leipzig locations as well as internationally, Porsche provides financial and material support to non-profit organisations and institutions and is committed to educational cooperation. Porsche also supports cultural and sporting activities through the awarding of donations and sponsorship in a transparent process. The company has been the main sponsor of the Gewandhaus Orchestra in Leipzig since 2011. Porsche has been involved in a premium partnership with the internationally renowned Stuttgart Ballet Company since 2012. We are also involved in sports sponsorship and is the title sponsor of the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix and supports Team Germany as well as Talent Team Germany.

Protection of the environment and resource conservation are also major priorities for us. Porsche has had clear environmental guidelines in place since 1995 and the department responsible for environmental management has set up environmental and energy management systems at almost all locations.

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